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What is the best way to fully enjoy the organoleptic qualities of Culaccia ®?

To discover its delicate flavor and subtle aroma, certain guidelines should be observed.

First of all, smoke (from cigarettes, cigars, etc.) hides its special fragrance. Herbs, spices, oils and sauces completely alter the taste of our product.

Small amounts of butter may be used as an accompaniment with fully-aged Culaccia ® hams to round-out the flavor.

The perfect companions for enjoying Culaccia ® are simply bread and wine!

The WINE must be dry and light. We suggest soft wines with low alcohol content. They should be young, non-barrel wines-primarily whites and rosès, but some light reds (such as Lambrusco) are also suitable. In short, wines that do not cover the delicate bouquet and aroma of the Culaccia ® itself. But the best choice would be a white grape champagne (Blanc de Blancs) or white grape classic method spumante.

The BREAD must be fragrant with a slightly dry crust that crumbles in the mouth.
The BREAD must be fragrant with a slightly dry crust. It must not be chewy and must crumble in the mouth.

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