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What is Culaccia ®?

Culaccia ® is the best part of the ham. Rossi Riccardo has invented the product and is the one who launched it on the market. He decided to create the brand name "Culaccia ®" to differentiate the product. And now the Salumificio Rossi - Erre Italia Srl is its exclusive producer.

Culaccia ® is, therefore, an exclusive creation of Salumificio Rossi, as is the method used in its production. In fact, it is one of the few cured meats that does not contain preservatives and only the legs of full-grown, Italian-raised pigs are used, the same utilized to produce the prosciutto governed by the consortia in Italy.

Culaccia ® is made from the highly-prized, prime part of the leg without bone, shank or "fiocco" (the small, shell-shaped piece of bone commonly known as the "anchetta" is left, however, as identification of this cut). It is processed and aged using all-natural methods and is not stuffed like sausage or worked in any other way. There is little waste and its characteristic shape provides uniform slices from the beginning to the end of each cured ham. It has the tenderness of prosciutto and the sweet mellowness of culatello.

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